I am  a Lecturer in the Dept. of Biology at Stanford University, where I teach a research-based ecology course and collaborate with the Fukami Lab. My primary expertise is in 
community ecology, macroecology and biogeography and my research seeks to understand how multi-species communities vary across space and the ways in which this variation arises from the confluence of ecological processes, geography, and scale. 

I am always interested in forming new research or education-related collaborations in the Bay Area and beyond, so I welcome you to explore this site and contact me about previous projects or new research ideas.


I'll be giving my first ever poster at ESA on Tuesday, August 8th in PS 22: Lichen-associated micro-organisms as subjects of course-based undergraduate research in community ecology. Come visit and share your ideas for how to make my class better! View the poster here.

My post on my research on lichen functional traits in forest canopies is up on the Oikos blog: check it our here.